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    that one person that no matter what they do, you will ALWAYS care..

    • Jennifer Christine

      QUOTE: "I hate it when somebody treats you like crap, but you still worry about them."...ugh so true?

    • Michaela Clay

      QUOTE: "I hate it when somebody treats you like crap, but you still worry about them. Perhaps the basis behind why she still feels for the Actor and why her bf says she needs to let him go.

    • Cresta McGowan

      Um yeah - everyday of my life at work...not exactly a "great thought" but nowhere else to really file this one.

    • America Grelinger

      Why is this? Maybe because the good Lord did the same thing for us....a thought to ponder. Or Let it go?

    • Nikki-marie Ahlstrom

      A sign of is such an inner battle between knowing it really is a God thing to care and that the world would tell you hating them is perfectly acceptable.

    • Maria Heintz

      This is so me, i have to stop.. QUOTE: "I hate it when somebody treats you like crap, but you still worry about them."

    • Pat

      You didn't treat me like crap but it sure hurt seeing you hang with Sam and finding the other stuff out. I don't know if you were just inconsiderate of my feelings, or he made you feel better than I could at things. It got me/ gets me so confused because I believe you love me but then why would you keep doing things/ communicating with him?

    • Katie Millican

      I hate this feeling. But story of my life.

    • Rachel Humphreys

      Well this is me. I'm too kind and caring for my own good. I try to help people and give them the benefit of my experience but it just gets thrown back in my face. The thing is even when you eventually see what I was talking about and realise that I'm not some jealous ex I will probably still be there for you even though you have said some nasty things. I wouldn't go through this much effort if I didn't give a shit about you. I wish you knew what I went through with Clarke, and knowing most of it would save you all the pain you will most probably experience from him (I'm not saying you will 100%) I know you love him and are looking forward to a future with him. I was besotted with him even though nothing I did was good enough for him. You say he didn't love me anymore, so why didn't he tell me about you sooner? I officially ended it when I found all that stuff on facebook, I screamed at him down the phone. Can you imagine how that felt when a week previous to that he was saying that he loved me and asked why I couldn't love him the same? He knows the truth but he'll say I'm lying and do you know what? I really don't care. I know the truth and so do all my friends and that is all I want. Take care and if you need me you know where I am

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    Love of a mother #single mother

    After a while, you just want to be with the one that makes you laugh. - Mr. Big





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