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Am I the only one around here...

true life.


Plenty of fish in the sea…

Oh noooo :-(

9GAGfrom 9GAG

Group Projects

Now I know why I have trust issues. One of the few lessons learned in school that I seem to have to be continually reminded of. TRUST. NO. ONE.

I may have already pinned this ive reached the age where i cant remember but it still cracks me up nonetheless

I solemnly swear to tell the truth part of the truth along with some s**t I made up.

I'm the bitch who uses "it's complicated" on my FB, not because I see my booty call as potential relationship potential, but rather because I do not wish others to see ME as a relationship potential. Just because you are 'single' does not mean you are 'available'.

Funny Confession Ecard: 'Watching Channing Tatum drop it like it's hot, does nothing for me' said no woman ever.