Lynne Farrell Stover likes to provide ALL of her library lessons free online. Just search for Library Sparks lessons and her name and you will get the pdf with all the worksheets! The lessons are tied to current literature, including Hunger Games!

Loads of library lessons, by grade level.

Blog with library lessons

FREE Library Lesson for the School Library

Hosting a Library Mystery: A Programming Guide - Books / Professional Development - Books for Academic Librarians - Books for Public Librari...

Non Fiction Shelf Signs - Non Fiction Shelf Markers | All your Library Signange needs available from

Lessons to go along with books

Library lessons

Library lesson plans and ideas for the elementary librarian.

Library shelving skills lesson

SNOW!!!!!!!! (A nonfiction lesson) | 1st Grade Library Lessons

Weekly library lesson plans

Elementary Librarian - Library lesson plans and ideas for the elementary librarian. Lessons incorporate Common Core and AASL standards.

Library Lessons

Try Curiosity! - Great blog for elementary library lessons

Mr. Dean's library wiki site. Great ideas for library lessons!

Literature Lesson Plans

Library lessons!

Lots of Library Lessons

The Book Fairy-Goddess: First Week of Lessons (3rd-5th) - A great way to reintroduce the library with students!

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