Invisible Children
• 3 years ago

Summer Dale: one of the most brave and insightful young women you may ever meet.

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Jedidiah Jenkins in Patagonia

oregontopatagonia: “ My gear stacked high, with enough weight to cause wheelies on steep mountain climbs. But I don’t care. I carry everything I own with me, how many people can say that… save those...

Dan Eldon shows us the meaning of a life well-lived

Not only has Joseph Kony terrorized communities with abduction and violence, he’s also brought them to the brink of starvation. Today on the blog – some lesser-known consequences of the LRA.

14 Halloween Costumes You Can Make in Under 5 minutes

14 Halloween Costumes You Can Make in Under 5 Minutes

14 Halloween Costumes You Can Make in Under 5 Minutes

Reblog from the New Statesman. Good article on Kony and the LRA, and the lack of international attention they receive

Kony's arrest warrant was issued 9 years ago...and he still hasn't been caught. Join us in asking our world leaders to act now.

Today on the blog: your most pressing questions about Ebola, answered

8 things you didn't know about Joseph Kony -->

Meet BongominJohnson, a student in our Legacy Scholarship Program

On the Radar: Last week, another five people escaped from the LRA in CAR and DRC! Check it out on the blog.

On the Radar: This 16-year-old boy returned home after 5 years in the LRA! #CelebrateEverything

From the long road south // Over the past year, Jedidiah has travelled from Oregon to Argentina by bike. These are the lessons he's learned along the way.

Exciting News: 46 women and children were released from the LRA this week – that's the largest group of returnees we've seen since 2008! #celebrateeverything

Action Alert. Contact your representative to stay committed to the LRA conflict. Ask them to sign the counter-LRA letter to extend U.S. advisory troops for the mission-->

The incredible supporter, fundraiser and blogger Jaclyn Licht shares her favorite stories and lessons from the #zeroLRA Uganda trip. #travel #Uganda

On the blog: Legacy Scholarship student Aciro Lucy is close to completing her economics degree, and she wants give back to her community by pursuing a career in politics.

"Shopping pink" supports women-led businesses in the US and helps fund our protection and recovery programs in LRA-affected communities. More on why we're excited about joining Pink51:

Check out how this incredible 8 year old is changing the world with kitchen utensils.

A city on lockdown: an update on the crisis in CAR.

From the long road south // Jedidiah's update from Machu Picchu #oregontopatagonia

Adventures in Ecuador. #oregontopatagonia

From the long road south. #oregontopatagonia