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Kelly Mitchell, Queen of the Gypsy Nation, died at age 47 while giving birth to what is said to have been her 14th or 15th child. Queen Kelly's burial at Rose Hill turned the cemetery into one of the main Romani burial grounds in the Southeast. Her husband, Emil, King of the Gypsy nation, her successor, Flora, and numerous other Gypsies have been buried alongside her.

The Little Girl in the Rum Keg. This child died on the return trip from England, sometime in the mid 1700s. At that time, if you died at sea, you were either buried at sea or stored in a container of alcohol spirits. So, the only way her father could get her body home was to have the body sealed in a keg of rum. ∞

Cemetery, Lakeland, Florida. It was unusual for the time, for a woman to have multiples in birth, and also why they would not have survived.

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Siveco Romania

Vlad "Tepes" Dracula Crypt | Birth: December, 1431| Death: December, 1476 | Cause of Death: Unknown | Burial: Snagov Monastery Snagov Ilfov, Romania

Two graveshelters in Agee Cemetery, Hasty, Arkansas ~ Graves of two young Agee children from early 1900's. Their grandfather, William N. Christian, built two little houses over the graves to protect them. He kept a split bottom chair inside the largest house. Every day he would walk the two miles up the hill to the cemetery, take out his chair, sit and whittle to "be with the babies" until evening. The old photo of the Agee family taken c.1915-16 is posted inside the gravehouse.

A Gypsy Queen, buried in unhallowed ground, either for being a gypsy or for having a child out of wedlock. Died due to complications from childbirth, burried with her infant, who also did not survive. Saint Mary's Cemetery Marion, Ohio

Louis Armstrong, Flushing Cemetery, Queens, NY.His house in Queens is restored & open to the public. Going this summer. Biddy Craft

Jules Verne Birth: Feb. 8, 1828 Death: Mar. 24, 1905 Burial: La Madeleine Cemetery Amiens Picardie Region, France

Cemetery image in Nong Khai in Northeast Thailand. (Photo by Peter Kelly Studios)

Selkup Christian graves with communication holes, normally the hole in the wooden dead humans house for contacts with other world is closed by special wooden stopper (cork), it can be opened when communication is needed and then closed again. Khanty make communication hole differently - on the side of the house and close it with cork and three planks.

A weathered-cross grave marker has broken and fused with a tree. Smolensk cemetery is said to be the first cemetery of St. Petersburg, Russia. In the 18th century