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Nurse if...

Nurse if. SO TRUE! I said "yep" to all but one of them!

When I worked full time, this was the case

night shift: this is so true! I haven't worked night shift in a year and a half and I'm still hungry in the middle of the night

Yes! We have four very colorful psych patients.. Lol. They are a RIOT!

truth and I don't always make it out in time, and I have to do the silent laugh. 😂 It's hard being a GI nurse!

So true!

Nursing: Don't give up. We have all gone home in tears. We've all second-guessed… I needed this tonight

You might be a nurse if...

So true! The valium salt lick in the waiting room has been mentioned more than once by the staff in my ER!

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It takes a special person to do what we do. I absolutely love being a nurse and having the chance to touch another persons life daily. CNAs go through the same thing.

The love of nursing...

some was drawn to nursing because of the desire to be like someone else. Not a true passion. well maybe a passion to be like another.