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Who says three is a crowd ?

love looking up into trees...their branches, twigs, texture, colors, leaves, buds, flowers, fruit....magnificant, beautiful, sheltering, mesmerizing, peaceful <3

Most gorgeous babe!

reflection in sunglasses! - going to try this sometime!.

I had to make a board titled "Cute things" just for this picture! baby lionhead rabbit

VOCÊ É LIVRE PARA DECIDIR http://superela.com/2015/08/01/voce-e-livre-para-decidir/


The Ant's Dream! by Rakesh Rocky: http://500px.com/photo/1445530/the-ants-dream!-by-rakesh-rocky?utm_medium=pinterest&utm_campaign=nativeshare&utm_content=web&utm_source=500px #Photography #Ant

Thirsty cats

this would only work at sunrise in Colorado. I am trying to think of a location around Windsor for something like this

Border Collie + Corgi= "Borgi" How #CUTE

Quickie tutorial on how to create a four generation photo of your own! So easy you will laugh!

Norwegian Forest Cat

“I speak to you as a friend speaks or a true lover not out of friendship nor love but for a clear meeting of self upon self.” [— Audre Lorde, from “Conversations in Crisis,” Coal (W. W. Norton & Company, 1996)]


These beautiful, whimsical photos bring kids' imaginations to life


I love this picture. I want to try to recreate this for my photography class. Great use of perspective and depth.


This would be a fun activity - draw, take photos, go print them out, and put them in frames to make a collage in your son or daughter's room.

A cat’s paws may be the cutest part of the cat. | Community Post: The 20 Cutest Pictures Of Cat's Paws