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    • CSM MUM

      World's Largest Coffee Cup: everyone needs one of these on Monday morning, or for Ice Cream......hehe

    • Kimberly Whitfield

      World's Largest Coffee Cup If I filled this with Starbucks that cup of coffee would run me around $50! lol

    • Carolyn Storer

      World's Largest Coffee Cup. Sometimes one cup of coffee just isn't enough. Sometimes you just feel like you need 2 or 5 or 20. So why not make it easy on yourself and just put all of those cups into one giant mug? This coffee mug can hold up to twenty cups of coffee Though we advise against actually drinking 20 cups at once, it's nice to know you could if you wanted, right? Porcelain. Holds 160 ounces. Approximately 6.5"x10"

    • Jesper Mathiesen

      World's Largest Coffee Cup Is there any greater symbol of your love of coffee than 6.5" (15.9 cm) tall, 10" (25.4 cm) in diameter real porcelain cup perched on the edge of your desk or kitchen counter? While you should never drink 20 cups of coffee in one sitting, you can take comfort in knowing that the World's Largest Coffee Cup could hold 20 regular cups.It weighs a little over 10 lbs. empty, that is. This means not only will you be getting way too much coffee with one cup, but you'll also be

    • Alexis Brace

      Monday mornings coffee cup! hahahaha! world's largest coffee cup! That's just awesome

    • Beatrice Kennedy - World's Largest Coffee Cup - Accoutrements Giant Novelty Coffee Mug

    • Esther Lahmann

      Some days you just need a REALLY BIG cup of coffee. @Garry Wright

    • Veronica Calica

      Coffee time!!

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    Good morning coffee!

    I think @KathyCashatt would agree this is something we need!

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    A poem for mornings... And I need this mug.

    morning coffee :)

    I always need my cup of coffee right away in the morning to get me motivated. Then you can find me sipping on coffee all day if I am cleaning.

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    Exhibitionist Coffee Cup Random / goofy idea I had when I was supposed to be doing client work. This was quite easy to make. Cut the coffee sleeve in half and tape it to back of cup. Cut a section from the back of the cup to make the hands. Tape it all together and draw a creepy face. Place it on a table in your local coffee shop and see how people react. - brock davis

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