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  • Samuel Millspaugh

    This is another wonderful physical representation. This time the students can witness the weight of words, and that online insults can be just has hurtful. This will hopefully make students reconsider their actions before talking online.

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No one taught you as an educator how to "fix" cyberbullying, because there is no quick fix, it can never be erased, but it can be talked out through communication. Sometimes teachers are the last line of defense for a child and although the teacher may not feel prepared to help a student on this issue, they must.

I can't imagine a more powerful video on bullying! It's a simple message about Bullying Awareness - the Indirect type... Cyber Bullying, Alienatation and being Excluded.

Anti-Bullying week Cyber Bullying video - ya'll, I did preview and this would be only acceptable for grades 5 and up (and I"m being generous with grade 5 here)

Great video talking about the effects of cyberbullying and what students can do to stop it

Show this and then have them write a response. Importance of protecting yourself online..don't post things you don't want tons of people to see

Kitchen - Cyberbullying - YouTube - Also, another great video!

Words Hurt - Bullying Commercial. Excellent clip for 3rd - 5th grade to show how words attack.

What is Cyberbullying? A clear and specific definition is needed before legislators and districts can develop legislation to prevent it. I found this short clip on but pinned it by way of youtube.

Anti Bully Video-Love this....bullying has been around forever....but we live in a time where kids and everyone are more exposed to it. I love the part...WHY? Why are you doing it? WHY?!!