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35 random acts of kindness - this blog post is awesome! It makes me want to do something like this with my kids often!

60 Small Ways to Improve Your Life in the Next 100 Days

60 small ways to improve your life in the next 100 days is creative inspiration for us. Get more photo about DIY home decor related with by looking at photos gallery at the bottom of this page. We are want to say thanks if you like to share this post …

Again back to the dollar store! A pair of fuzzy socks paired with a matching nail polish. Wrap some cello around and tie off with a little ornament or bell!

Peeling An Orange - The Easy Way Cut the top and bottom off and make a slice down the side and simply unroll the orange.

MADE- Pink Scooter\/ Vespa

AMEN! I broke down today.... tired of my health issues ... gossip and lies going around a church in Belmont... the list can go on and on.... but forgiving as well as praying for those people is the best cure... for HE died for my sins as well as theirs..