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Wrapping up EMS World Expo Coverage, interviewing EMS World publisher Scott Cravens, the final product innovator picks and more in this special episode of the MedicCast.

The Techpodcast crew will be at the Consumer Electronics Show in January to interview and Live Stream the event. Help us get the team members we need to best cover the show.

In this episode of Health Tech Weekly, I wanted to look at a new USB Bladder Scanner that recently received FDA approval. Ewwwww, really a bladder scanner? Yeah, a bladder scanner.

These Vein-Spotting Smart Glasses Will Give Medics X-Ray Vision

Don't like needles under your skin? Sometimes it takes a while before finding the vein, that's why multiple stabs happen. This new wearable device however from Evena Medical, will be able to tap your veins almost immediately.

On this week's episode I thought I would talk with you about the MedicCast app available for your mobile devices to listen to the show on the go. I'm really excited about this app and based on the numbers of you picking up the app, you are as well.