Letter W lesson ideas

Letter for every week with lots of activities pertaining to the letter.


Although this website isn't in English, it does have some great letter printables!

Letter Puzzles

Scroll to the bottom for activities for each letter

I do this at the beginning of the year to work on name recognition but I really like how this graph is set up!

The A-Z of Learning Letters. 90+ ways to teach your child all about Letters!

Fun easy travel game for preschoolers or older toddlers - put the letters all around the outside of the plate and cut slits between each letter. When the child sees something that starts with the corresponding letter they can identify it ("bus starts with b!") and fold down the corresponding letter on their plate. Can be played in the car or in the stroller to help keep them occupied

Montessori Alphabet Object - Beginning Letter Sounds Set 3 - Alphabet miniatures to use with movable alphabet

printable worksheets - lots of abc stuff


Letter parties... weekly activities with your kids, all centered around a specific letter of the alphabet

Teacher trick: Stick a cup inside the foot of a sock and have students reach inside to pull out alphabet letters, coins or any other manipulatives.

Now I Know My ABCs - Fun craft for every letter of the alphabet.

Read to Me & ABC- a simple, easy-to-implement preschool "program" that comes BEFORE the ABCs

letter c

activities to do with each letter of the alphabet.

Learning the letters in your name activity

Montessori Alphabet Object Set in Storage Case - Beginning Letter Sounds - Alphabet miniatures to use with movable alphabet

Alphabet Monster Game