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    愛和幸安 // I specifically like the character 安 = peace, tranquility, which pictures a woman 女 under a roof. {jy}

    journal symbology, another Shauna (VI Fit Network) (LilDuckieArts) lee lange arts advisory curation

    Planets - Not complete...

    Chinese symbols

    Chinese Symbol for Happiness Charm and Bracelet

    Good and quick info on 5 feng shui elements as expressed in one's personality traits. Here's how to create a good feng shui home to nourish your feng shui element Find more feng shui decor tips:

    徐悲鸿 竹报平安 by China Online Museum - Chinese Art Galleries, via Flickr. I like this piece's distance effect and how the further back bamboos are slightly faded

    Chakras. Spirit has asked me to give you a message here. Just the act of studying this painting will help to balance your chakras. Think of the area of the body represented as you meditate upon the symbols...we don't have to be able to read them to benefit from the energy they represent. When you look at the blue think of two chakra areas, the throat and the third eye. Blessings. Johan Adkins

    Japanese signs for Love, Happiness, Hope, Dream

    Artist Unknown, shows mans attempt to control elements and how dangerous they are or potentially are.