Award winning, visually intuitive image of a discarded banana peel to warn of slippery surfaces. Design: Hsieh Chen-yuan, Taiwan

Top 10 Funny Street Arts

Funny Signs lol funny! Save me... Help... I'm drowning! Gulp! Gulp! O.k f*#% it, I'm just going to get a different job on a new sign... Maybe a highway sign directing people where they can score! Or the fair on the hill top where i can be the height marker! Lol!

Black & White

The Best Photos the Internet Has Ever Seen

but really...

Frozen Smiles = Denture Ice Cubes

Mug with a hoop!

That's awesome

Trust me, I'm an engineer

Love Is... by jackfreak1994

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Unusual Traffic Lights, Switzerland

Quite the bargain...

Too funny!


Fun wall mounted bottle opener This is hilarious for the kitchen or for the deck

Lol that's awesome