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    I Eat Local Because I Can - a challenge by Two Frog Home. @Kathie Lapcevic will be sharing all sorts of canning information and doing some fun giveaways.

    Grow It Cook It Can It

    Eat Well, Spend Less: Homemade Substitutes for Grocery Staples | Simple Bites...More canning recipes

    Canning chicken - This also works with beef, elk, deer, etc.

    Canning Tips


    Violet Jam.. if they are still out when I get home I will be making this.


    How and what you can oven can! This method makes the dry food last for up to 20 years!

    While I am not Primal I do enjoy recipes that help you make things from scratch and I am interesed in the ketchup and mustard recipes here. Not so much the mayo, but I have another recipe for that. I'm also not too keen on the BBQ one here.

    The Dos and Don'ts of Canning at home

    canned tomato paste (made in a crock pot)

    How to Can Mandarin Oranges

    the Magazine of the South

    canned tangerines

    Apple Cider: How to make and bottle your own homemade Apple Cider (directions, recipe, with photos and free)

    Jars of Canned Food: How Long Do They Last? Canning foods you grew and harvested yourself is exciting and rewarding. After canning, you have rows of colorful jars lining your pantry ready to be enjoyed at any time. Just like any other food, however, home canned goods do not last forever. Use this guide to help you determine if your canned goods are safe to eat.

    how to can beans -- this saves room in your freezer, and now you'll always have beans ready-to-go at a moment's notice!

    Are your home canned goods safe? Here's how to make sure!

    French Onion Soup

    Food in Jars: Preserving in Small Batches Year Round: Preserving in small batches year-round by Marisa McClellan — I have done this in the past... wonderful and your pantry will fill up faster than you think- : )