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Photo of the “Llullaillaco Maiden”, a 15 year old girl sacrificed during the Inca Empire for both purposes of religious rite and social control. She was chosen a year prior to her death, fed a ritualistic diet for an approximate twelve months to make her gain weight, then was drugged and left on the shrine at Volcano Llullaillaco, where she was left to die of exposure. For five hundred years, her body had been preserved at 82 ft. She is considered to be the best preserved Andean mummy ever…

Chastity Belts: The first real chastity belts weren’t created until the 1800s, and they weren’t for keeping women from straying sexually. The first chastity belts appear to have been crude devices designed to keep boys and girls from masturbating and later for keeping women from being raped/molested once they entered the workforce.

The slang word "hooker," which means prostitute, was gotten from the US civil-war general Joseph T. Hooker. He hired prostitutes for his army to keep up troop morale. They started being called, "Hooker's girls" which was eventually shortened to "hooker." The name stuck.

The Antikythera mechanism. Salvaged from an ancient shipwreck c. 1900. Ignored for years but then x-reayed to discover it was full of cogs despite being 2000 years old - 1700 years before the 'first' metal cogs were used. A reconstruction of the box showed that it tracked the motions of the stars and planets, with incredible accuracy. It was inscribed with text that has been 95% deciphered, but this translation has never been released.

Interesting Fact: During Fredrick Douglass’s first marriage he had a 26 year affair with German feminist Ottilie Assing. In 1884, when she read in the newspapers that Douglass was to marry Helen Pitts, who was 20 years-younger, she committed suicide in a public park in Paris. The letters Douglass wrote to her were burned, and she left all her money to Douglass.

Seventeen year old Maria B. #Bruskin grimaces as the noose tightens around her neck, moments before her life ended. She and two others died by hanging in Minsk, Belorussia on Oct 29,1941, charged by the Germans as partisan accomplices.

CaptJimsCargofrom CaptJimsCargo

CSS Alabama Wooden Steam Tall Ship Model 32" Civil War Raider

CaptJimsCargo - CSS Alabama Wooden Steam Tall Ship Model 32" Civil War Raider, ( A painted version of this Confederate Raider model is also available.


Collection Of Historical Artifacts

These Objects Really Changed History

‘The Mundaneum, an institution created in 1910 by Paul Otlet and Henri La Fontaine, aimed to gather together all the world’s knowledge. An Archive with more than 12 million index cards, some consider it a forerunner of the internet. Otlet dreamt that one day all the information he collected could be accessed by people from the comfort of their own homes.’

400 Million Year Old Machine Found in Russia. RUSSIA. In the remote Kamchatka peninsula (map below), 200 km from Tigil, University of St. Petersburg archaeologists discovered a strange fossil. The authenticity of the find has been certified. According archaeologist Yuri Golubev, occurs that, in this case the discovery surprised scientists by its nature, at least - unusual, able to change history (or pre-history). It is not the first time that is an artifact, an ancient object, something…

A father stares at the hands of his five year-old daughter, which were severed as a punishment for having harvested too little rubber.

Sept 28 1988 Tara Calico left her home in Belen New Mexico. June 15 1989 a woman found a Polaroid in a parking spot where a white van had been parked. The photo had a girl + boy bound + gagged in the back of a van. A County sheriff publicly stated his belief that Tara was killed the day she disappeared when local residents accidently hit her with a truck. He had insufficient evidence to arrest. If this theory is true who are the 2 kids in the photo?

All-American Girls Professional Baseball League - established 1943, as many men's minor league teams were disbanded due to the war.

The Green Children of Banjos. In 1887, two small children were found near the town of Banjos, Spain. Their language was unknown, and it wasn't Spanish. Their skin had an odd green tint. The boy soon died, but he girl survived for about 5 years and explained that she came from a place of "perpetual twilight..." This seems to be a retelling of "The Green Children of Woolpit" from the 12th Century. Anyway, it's still a mystery!

Gettysburg, PA: "Life-size sculpture honoring Elizabeth Thorn, who was six months pregnant when she dug graves and buried 102 bodies after the battle. Most of her belongings were also destroyed during the battle, since her home, like all available structures, was used to house wounded soldiers. "Her baby girl was born in the fall, small and weak. Elizabeth said she never regained her full health after the battle of Gettysburg and its aftermath."

Mail Onlinefrom Mail Online

Could this be the biggest find since the Dead Sea Scrolls? Seventy metal books found in cave in Jordan could change our view of Biblical history

One of 70: a 2,000-year old "spiral-bound" book found in Jordan.

Vera Renczi, a stunningly beautiful woman, was also one of the most prolific female serial  killers in history. Born in 1903 in Bucharest, Romania into wealth and privilege, by the age of 15 she had engaged in numerous affairs .If she suspected they were being unfaithful, the men were given a dose of arsenic. Vera confessed to killing both husbands and her son. Lorenzo discovered her secret and attempted to blackmail her. Vera Renczi was convicted on 35 counts of murder.

The realtor states she was alone when taking these pics to list this house in Milton , FL. The home had been vacant for a couple years after the previous owner had died.