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  • Katherine Kennedy

    bamboo basket by Lloyd Cotsen. This could be great as a end table or coffee table

  • Stefano Guerrieri

    Shono Shounsai,bamboo baskets are by Japanese artist Shono Shounsai (1904 -1974). #detail in #woodwork #joint #wood #plywood #furniture #interior #design #handmade #craft #designinspiration #italy #nordicdesign #benchwood

  • Alisha Delport

    Flower Basket, Shimmering of Heated Air, approx. 1969 By Shono Shounsai (1904-1974) Shono Shounsai was named Living National Treasure in 1967 Kyushu: active in Shiraki, Oita Prefecture Bamboo (madake), rattan, and copper alloy Selected techniques: thousand line construction H. 13 3/4 in x Diam. 14 in. Lloyd Cotsen Japanese Bamboo Basket Collection, 2006.3.836 (B-1095); catalogue no. 50 Photograph by Kaz Tsuruta.

  • Maria Celina

    Name: Flower Basket, Shimmering of Heated Air • Designer: Shono Shounsai • Description: "Bamboo (madake), rattan, and copper alloy. Selected techniques: thousand line construction." — "Masters of Bamboo: Japanese Baskets and Sculpture in the Costen Collection", Asian Art (Retrieved: 28 October, 2012)

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Japanese Bamboo Basket | Photo belongs to kwaraw's photostream on Flickr and is tagged with San Francisco 2009, Asian Art Museum.

japanese basket. but with my luck, it'd be overflowing with toys in no time.

My bamboo basket | Flickr - Photo Sharing!