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Disney Sleeping Beauty Wallpaper. always wanted to do the half and half sleeping beauty costume!!!

IMG_6271 | Flickr: Just her hair. I know that it's a wig but come on, I would kill for my hair to do that.

Sleeping Beauty, Sleeping Beauty | These Mucha Inspired Disney Princesses Are Stunning

Everyone needs to understand that books and movies should be treated as individuals. They will never match up.

Disney Face Characters | Aurora | BLUE DRESS! SHE'S WEARING THE BLUE DRESS! I like this so much better than that pepto-bismal colored pink dress she usually wears

Although the princess is usually the protagonist who saves the day with her kindness, she always has some kind of help from others whether it be fairies, animals, etc. I believe personally, literature stories don't give them enough credit.

Aurora and mini Aurora- I would have died for a picture like this...then again, it was impossible to find an aurora costume, even more so to find her in the parks, back then.

Sleeping Beauty Problems // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - #lol #humor #funnypictures

Aurora's hair (I hate how freakishly tall her crown is, though. It's so much prettier in the movie.)

- If Disney Princesses Were Burlesque Showgirls The show must go on. The designs of artist Madhanz would make some gorgeous Moulin Rouge costumes.

Aurora | Flickr - Photo Sharing!