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Soap Carving Patterns for Grandchildren

Here it is folks! I have soap carving patterns for you on Thursday instead of Friday like I said I would do. (So what if it’s going to be Friday in 30 minutes? I’m 30 minutes early!) It’s been quite the convoluted process to get these patterns into a pdf file. I won’t bore you …
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How creative it this? PlayTape that is easy to remove from surfaces. Very smart!

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making wind-up racing monsters from playdough

Teaching our sons to respect themselves in the modern world

TIP # 2: To tell if boys are ready to go to the bathroom while standing, line the floor around the toilet with newspaper and tell them to 'pee normally'. See how much urine actually goes onto the floor (onto the newspaper). see more at

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cereal box monster jaws -- awesome!

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spy training

Marshmallow Shooter Kids Activity: Over 30 feet!

The #Boston bombers were brothers—news that has made many a boy moms heart stop over the last few days and wonder, could it happen to mine? Could my sons lead each other astray? How can I help them influence each other for good?

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