Pirate Party idea. treasure map in bottle. kids can go on a hunt. maybe a pinata at end? or chest full of goodies?

Pirate party activities, lots of good ideas...walk the plank, treasure dig, decorate treasure chest etc

pirate party

Pirate Party Ideas

Treasure chest #Pinata see how to make it http://momssavingmoney.com/how-to-make-a-treasure-chest-pinata-out-of-a-box/

Draw a treasure map!

Great site for games. Kids need to complete "missions" (games) in order to get a clue. Scavenger hunt will lead to a box of treasure with a piñata.

Homemade pirate chest! Fabric lining inside. Awesome gift box for birthday present that they could continue playing with. Could make a treasure map to find it.

Jake Neverland Pirates (Find the burried treasure) * Website has lots of creative ideas for a Jake and the Neverland pirate themed party.

Under the sea / little mermaid birthday party ideas - treasure hunting activity or pirate party!

Pirate Party Ideas

treasure hunt

Go to this site. This is such a GREAT idea for the kids!

Free Pirate Printables

Treasure Map Pizza

pirate party


{Jake and the Neverland Pirates Birthday Party} Treasure chest to collect pirate booty

Sand treasure hunt... Cute idea and will keep them busy great for a pirate party theme! Love the big bucket idea!

#Pirate party food: Babybel Pirates How stinkin' cute are these???! Made these for a pirate themed meeting tonight. We did these, the spinach "seaweed" dip with "sea biscuit" bread slices, chocolate dipped pretzel "peg legs", "cannonball" grapes, and Hershey nuggets cuz they look like treasure chests. It was so fun and tasty. But these cheese pirates were definitely the talk of the night.

Adorn Your Treasure Chest: Activities for a Mermaid or Pirate birthday party