Neat idea.

good idea

Great idea

Cute for the front door :)


Curtains at the front door that can be closed at night to hide windows and glass front door

Wall hanging storage with 3 baskets

Awesome idea!

Penny vase. I like this idea

great idea for old short jeans

Hanging space above the dryer. Someone was THINKING!

Front Door Decorations for Halloween... Could do FALL instead in brown with orange ribbon so it could stay up for more than just Halloween

Use pant hangers with sliding clips to hang your boots! Why didn't I think of that?!

very cool

Garage Storage on a Budget • Ideas and tutorials, including "how to create recycle bin hangers" by 'Family Handyman'...

Cute idea - album in a box.

52 Easy Ideas to Organize Your Entire Home, great tips!

basket weaving...a dying art. I love the idea of using natural, sustainable earth friendly materials like this!

CD racks for folded fabric!! Heavenly! So, so smart!

#3. Add molding and paint to your front door! ~ 17 Impressive Curb Appeal Ideas (cheap and easy!)