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Everything .They change you and they inspire you in so many diffrient ways that are indescribable.How do you let go of someone who has made such an impact your life?How do you let go of the only thing that keeps you going,keeps you strong ?Loving someone with all you have is letting go of fear,it is growing up.Because when you love someone whole -heartedly,you let go of yourself -to live is to love -so how do you let go of someone you truly care about?the truth is it don't think you can i

"The Scripture says in Proverbs 13:20, “He who walks with wise men will be wise.” Take a look at your friends. That’s what you’re going to be like in a few years. Hang around people who make you better." Joel Osteen #hollyshelpinhand #skinnyfiberdirectholly #teamhollyc

...and that someday has finally come! <3 Pat texted me out of the blue today to tell me I'm a good woman! :) I dunno what I did to deserve that...but I'm sure glad he thinks so! :) It's really nice to finally have someone who appreciates me and goes out of his way to make sure I know it. :)

Everyone shows love in different ways and just cause it's not how I want it, doesn't mean they don't love me

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This Is Your Life. Do What You Love, And Do It Often.

Do what you love. <3 Since posting this I've learned it's the @Holstee manifesto. What a great testament to the way to live life to the fullest.