Texas A & M TOMS Hill Country Boutique http://www.etsy.com/listing/93444980/texas-am-custom-hand-painted-toms

Texas A

Texas Tech Toms. Custom made Toms. $120.00, via Etsy.

Texas A University hand painted TOMS by solespirit on Etsy, $110.00

Texas Aggie Toms

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Texas Aggie scarf for the fall & winter!

Texas A Toms!

Texas A & M University hand painted TOMS by MyHeartToYourSole, $105.00



custom mustache #TOMS from the purple lizard studio on #Etsy! go check her out!

1 corinthians:13 toms need them!

@Amanda Snelson Carson did you know about this? Tom's Texas A&M Women's Campus Classic

Texas Aggie Toms by: Karen Laughlin