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    Met two gods...

    The real reason Tony Stark is such a badass. | 22 Pictures That Only Fans Of "The Avengers" Will Find Funny

    Captain America is still my favorite but man oh man, Christian Bale is the hottest superhero FOR SURE!


    Poor Cap... although major America and general America just don't have the same ring to them|| Well if you th8nk about it, Captain is pretty high up in the ranks

    You Have An Army But We Have A Hulk...Hahaha

    MIND BLOWN! These are the plans for everyone’s floor at The Avengers tower and really if they are in order of what floor they are going to be on it shows how well Tony pays attention to everyone. Thor is at the top, because he is the god of Thunder and would probably like the easy take off/landing and view. Hawkeye is the next floor down, because “He see’s better from up high.” Steve is next because he’s the Captain and team..

    the god of Mischief indeed

    Natasha Romanov is the sassiest. Steve Rogers is not amused. (Click-through for gifs)

    Captain America Mug Oh god I love it! But do I really want to be drinking tea out of Cap's skull?

    The Avengers

    baby avengers!!!!!!!!

    Avenger's Vocabulary - haha

    and Sherlock Holmes...

    And this perfect summary. | 22 Pictures That Only Fans Of "The Avengers" Will Find Funny

    Best gif. ever from The Avengers blooper reel. I LOVE THIS SO MUCH!


    Love this guy ♡♡ #hulk #dr #banner #super #heroes #avengers #tony #stark #funny

    The Avengers

    I told you it's gonna be their reality show (with all of them) called "When Avengers Assemble" just about the struggles to live a normal live in NYC while also being super heros that save the world on like a daily basis...