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  • Donna Turner

    I still have mine! I play it with my kids. Simon Says.....

  • Crystal Mae

    Remember this game? I was so bad at this. But, I still play it. I guess I hoped I would get better!

  • Brenda Tracy

    Childhood memories

  • Carol Robinson

    80s toys - Simon Says. g'kids now play with our son'd (cr)

  • Misty Lowe

    80 toys - Google Search

  • Debbie Beitzell~ Taylor

    i remember this, everyone had this, but i actually had the me too :) much more fun :) it had nine colors around it! loved it until the color orange button stopped working. kinda ruins the game if one of the buttons doesn't work lol

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Waterfuls Ring-Toss - I can't believe I forgot this ever existed. It was a staple in the 70s/80s toy repertoire.

Who had a Rubik's Cube? We had two! It was a mechanical 3D puzzle. You had to mix all the colors and then, for the puzzle to be solved, each face would have to be a solid color again.

LOTS of nostalgia in here. The phone! The record player! The parking ramp! (...we played with a parking ramp?)

chatter phone #fisher_price #vintage Everyone had at least one of these things and everyone also thought they were annoying!! lol

Toys From The 70S - Bing Images - OMG my kids used to play this endlessly. It got very intense trying to repeat recorded hand beats which got progressively faster.

Brinquei tanto com isso! Quero um pros meus filhos! // Spirograph..many rainy days filled with this..

Never understood this game but my brother and I would play it

Bubble Christmas Lights ♥ My parents had these on their Christmas tree every year. I would love to find some for ours, I know our kids love them too :)

More 80's toys. Geeedsh i had most all of thes!! Purple pie man and look at booberry!!

80's toys collection. Strawberry Shortcake, My Little Pony, Care bears. My aunt gave me my old strawberry shortcake and blueberry meringue a couple of years ago. She found them in some of my grandparents old stuff.

70s movie viewer. LOVED this when I was a kid!