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I love the blunt short bangs. [sn: this would go great with "hair #1" in my "hair inspirations for Erica" board]

Bettie Bangs, wished I could pull it off

long and wavy w/ bangs - if I can commit to growing it out, would consider this.

Very few can pull off black & it has to be professional color or it will turn green after a few washes

in my head i look like this, but my pictures never do. I think i need a new camera...

That furry blouse/jacket thing... wow. It kind of actually works!

Bettie bangs that I actually don't hate!

"Illustrating my massive amount of hair that concealed the bucket in most of the shots, so I couldn't use them. See? Where's the bucket? I'm sitting in a bucket. I swear, with hair this long, who needs clothes?" / By wisely-chosen at flickr

this is kind of the look I'd like to cultivate, except the odd way she is holding her mouth... or is that just me?