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    PassionFruit.Why is it that the number of petals in a flower is often one of the following numbers: 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34 or 55? For example, the lily has three petals, buttercups have five of them, the chicory has 21 of them, the daisy has often 34 or 55 petals, etc. These are the numbers of the Fibonacci sequence

    Grow Passion Fruit Vines Indoors =)

    Based on permaculture principles using curves instead of straight lines. Some argue that this is more efficient layout for vegetable gardens. Mandala Garden Design

    SUCH a great infographic! Love the part on companion planting! Gonna print it to hang in my laundry room :)

    HAWAII GARDENING: DIY Watering Can from liquid laundry detergent bottle; perfect for mixing your miracle grow and giving your plants a drink

    Save the world on a living room scale. This mini aquaponics system by Mediamatic, Miniponics, is a very sustainable way to produce food in the city. Plants and fish live together in one system, and help each other to survive.

    Building lasagna raised bed garden. Love this idea - archers-at-the-la...

    How Much To Plant To Feed Your Family

    Soaking seeds before planting is an “old time” gardener’s trick that many new gardeners are not aware of. Read the reasons for soaking seeds and how to soak seeds in this article.

    Outside steps down a hill - I would love to do this to our fire pit. So much easier than trying to walk down the hill w/out falling!

    Growing Sweet Potatoes. Need full sun, well-drained soil (preferably sandy loam) & plenty of room to thrive. Set root bearing stems, i.e., slips, 1ft apart in rows spaced 3ft apart. In raised beds, space 1-1/2 ft apart. Use row covers to add extra heat & keep out pests. Harvest before frost, after foliage starts to yellow. Use damaged potatoes asap. Cure healthy potatoes for 2wks in warm place. Allow 70-100 days to reach maturity.

    To grow your own ginger root, keep the plant warm and add extra peat moss or compost to the potting soil to help the soil mix hold more water.

    What you need for an automated irrigation system in raised-bed vegetable gardens (and the cost)

    For raised or elevated garden beds, garden rows, or individual plant materials - create up to 10 zones.

    20 Ways to Keep Deer Out of Your Garden | Mike the Gardener | #prepbloggers #deer

    Keeping Cats out of the garden. Or, "The Only Thing That Works is to Put Toothpicks in Every Inch of Soil Until Your Garden Resembles a Porcupine."

    Tips for keeping deer out of gardens and flower beds. Includes a list of plants that deter deer.

    How to Keep Animals Out of Your Garden - Gardening - Mother Earth Living

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    Step 1. How to Keep Squirrels Out of Your Garden Step 2. Aim well if step one does not work ha ha. jk