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    "The goddess Brigid, presided over the hearth and the forge, over the inspiration and skill of sacred art and craft, and over the world of crops, livestock, and nature. In the Scottish Highlands every morning the fire was kindled with an invocation to Bride:     "I will build the hearth     As Mary would build it.     The encompassment of Bride and of Mary     Guarding the hearth, guarding the floor,     Guarding the household all."

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    • Mary P Brown

      Two angels transporting Brigid to Bethlehem for the birth of Christ (as she was claimed to have been Mary's midwife), painting entitled Saint Bride, John Duncan, 1913

    • Carl McColman

      John Duncan's gorgeous painting of the angels carrying St. Bride (Brigit) across the ocean (and back through time!) from her home in Ireland to be the Christ's foster mother and wet nurse.

    • ℒauren ℛ

      "Saint Bride" (1913), By John Duncan (1866-1945), Tempera on canvas, Scottish National Gallery, Scotland. #angels

    • G ґ ε ʇ ɔ н ε η * B╚ ḯ Ⓣ ẕ

      Two angels transporting Brigid to Bethlehem for the birth of Christ, painting entitled Saint Bride, John Duncan, 1913

    • Wakeful Planet

      Dreams can offer profound insight and mystical guidance ~ if in our hearts we are open and prepared for learning. Painting: Saint Bride by John Duncan

    • Megan Louise

      Saint Bride (1913) by John Duncan via National Galleries of Scotland. According to the legend of the Irish Saint Bride she was transported miraculously to Bethlehem to attend the nativity of Christ. Here two angels carry the white robed saint across the sea. The seascape reflects Duncan's fascination with the Outer Hebrides and the Isle of Iona.

    • Christ Church Charlotte

      "Saint Bride" 1913 John Duncan (Scottish; 1866-1945). Painting illustrates the Celtic legend of the young Saint Bridget (aka Bride) being carried to Bethlehem to care for Mary and baby Jesus. In the background can be seen the Island of Iona.

    • Aleta Florentin

      Angel Art - St. Bride by John Duncan

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    Brighid (pronounced BREED) is the Celtic Goddess of Fire. She rules over many types of fire—the fire of the forge (as Goddess of smithcraft and metal working), the fire of the hearth (as Goddess of healing), and the fire of creativity (as Goddess of poetry). Brighid is seen as a triple Goddess, and she is associated with three different spheres—high (leaping flames, tall forts, wisdom), middle (hearth and home), and low (wells and sacred springs). She is my favorite ❤

    Hestia the hearth goddess. Raising a family, keeping of the home. The hearth fire/flame which honors the sacred home.

    Goddess Brigid ~ The Brigid first worshipped in ancient times was the daughter of the great Irish god Dagda, the 'Good Father'. She had two sisters who were also named Brigid. Taken together, they were called the 'Three Mothers', 'Three Sisters', or simply the Goddess Brigid.

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    Brigid (“exalted one”), along with her two sisters (also called Brighid), is considered a classic Celtic Triple Goddess. As one of the most popular goddesses worshipped by the Celtic peoples, including the druids, many of her stories and symbology survive in the persona of Saint Brigid. In the living traditions, whether seen as goddess or saint, she is largely associated with the home and hearth and is a favorite of both Pagans and Christians.

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    Imbolc, the Feast of the Goddess Brigid, is celebrated on February 1st. It marks the mid-point between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox; a time when seeds sprout, spring is on the way, and the light is returning. It is a time to honor Brigid, goddess of fire, poetry, childbirth. It is a celebration of home and hearth. Imbolc is a time to celebrate growth and new beginnings.

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