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Ladies, you can keep your Sean Connerys, Harrison Fords and Pierce Brosnans. For my money, Sam Elliot is the sexiest older man around. I love that he always plays a badass/charmer. And I LOOOVE his voice!

Sam Elliott: see those eyes, hear that voice--I'm a goner..Then, now and!!

Sam Elliott...OMG! He gets away w a mullet! So hot. ;)

Gen Thadeus "Thunderbolt" Ross in Hulk, 2010 (Sam Elliott)

Sam Elliott - that twinkle in his eyes...the tasche...and, the huskiest, sexiest voice that I would like to hear good nite from...........

Sam Elliott - while I love his rugged good looks and you can never go wrong with the 'stach what I love the most is his VOICE!

sam elliott -I don't care what you's the VOICE!!!!!!

Oh, sam.. sam sam sam, just can't help myself.. had to pin you again.. :)

I can't see him without thinking of my friend Marsha. ~Sam Elliott~

Sam Elliott... that voice....... such a sucker for a good voice. Not to mention, I have yet to see a movie with him in it I DIDNT like.

Sam Elliot. I keep him on my eyecandy board, but for those who wander onto this one, well, wouldn't it be lovely to watch him installing your floor? :)))