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  • Arleen Diaz

    Fairy Berries Lights. For the girl's fairy garden!!! These charming little orbs of light gently fade in and out to add some after-dark magic to any yard. Scatter or hang them anywhere--they're even water resistant

  • Dee Lynne Hudson

    Fairy Berries Lights, Party Lights, Accent Lights | Solutions. May need these for the fairy garden

  • Demree Abalos

    "Like real fireflies, Fairy Berry Lights create after-dark magic. What a charming effect these little orbs of light make as they gently fade in and out. Scatter or hang them anywhere—yard, patio, table, garden, trees...they’re even water resistant to add a soft glow in a pool, pond or fountain.

  • Kristen Mi

    Cool fairy lights: "like real fireflies, Fairy Berry Lights create after dark magic"

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