Avatar Home Tree Initiative Plants Fruit Trees in Haiti and More

Avatar's Home Tree Initiative heading to six continents. Photo courtesy of 20th Century Fox James Cameron already planted one million trees in Brazil last April. But the director has said Earth needs at least a billion more trees -- not a million, and
  • Zach Shewmaker

    Landscapes, Trees, Movies, Jungle, Avatar wallpapers

  • Jacqueline Chama

    Avatar Home Tree Initiative Plants Fruit Trees in Haiti and More

  • Jerilin

    Avatar Home Tree Initiative was launched by James Cameron on Earth Day 2010 to plant 1 million trees around the world. I love Avatar-the visuals are spectacular-James Cameron is a genius in my eyes and the strong environmental message in the movie is hard to miss and shouldn't be ignored.

  • Harriet Doré

    Amazon Rainforest, Brazil www.paragonexpeditions.com

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