Or: #4. Make a huge mess because your name is Jess and you don't know your way around the kitchen to save your life.


How My Cats See Me

Community: 20 Adorable 'Pusheen The Cat' Gifs


Organization is key... when you're a crazy cat lady. Lol i might need this one day!

Kitty Christmas

Not sure why I thought this was so funny... Pusheen the Cat's "6 Practical Uses for Marshmallows" by pusheen #Marshmallows #pusheen

PUSHEEN CAT PLUSH TOY I like it you should get it

Pusheen! I don't know why I'm so obsessed with this damn cat I don't even really like cats...

every day of my life.

Cats are jerks. LOL



Pusheen the chubby tabby cat.

Cats again. Sorry.

How my cats see me

Life with Cats