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Blade and Mounting for a Sword (Katana)

Inscribed by Naotane (Japanese, 1778–1857). Blade for a Short Sword (Wakizashi). Engraved by Yoshitane (Japanese), dated 1839. Japanese. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York. Gift of Brayton Ives and W.T. Walters, 1891 (91.2.84) #sword

Katana - While Aikido uses bokkens which simulate a katana, Aikido's sister bushido Iaido does use katanas. I found this diagram useful in learning the parts of a katana / bokken.

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Katana - Historically they were one of the traditionally made Japanese swords used by the samurai of feudal Japan.

Double steel triple turned hand carved steel and titanium Katana by Horimoto Kyiadi - cost 50,000 USD - one day this will sit nicely in a display case in my sword room :)

- Beautiful indeed, but, The Dotanuki was the Blade of BLADES: Japanese sword, Katana εˆ€

Tulmarc. The name for a double sword, shaped in all forms and purposes, like a Japanese katana. Joined at both the top and bottom of the hilt, pulled apart with a small switch at the bottom. Can be used as both one or two swords. (Please note this is simply for story reference and there is no such thing in real life, I'm not trying to troll anyone...)

Would love an authentic one / Japanese sword, Katana 刀

swords... need a good, sharp, strong katana