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And please leave my board! Your name calling does not stop me from makes me double up on pins!

If you don't vote or write in a name that can't win, you vote for Obama and you're an American-hating fool just like the rest of them.

Stand up, speak up, show up for something.

Book quote "Smart women read between the lines". Yes they do. "Between the lines" is also the name of our blog come and have a look! #InformationStore #VintageBookPoster

We had a chance to save America. Hey Democrats! You own the demise of this Country.

Cradle-to-grave living. It's only a vote away.

Mitt LOVES the United States. You CAN'T SAY THAT FOR OBAMA! How Obama got nominated while there was a question of his birthplace IS BEYOND ME!@ (Someone has a lot of money-UNIONS & SOROS!)

Each day the flag, called the "Colors," is hoisted and lowered with fanfare-and who doesn't like to see the Stars and Stripes lovingly handled in such breathtaking surroundings?

And this is also why I refuse to be silent, or be "nice" when I see oppression in all its forms. I will not sit quietly and allow LGBT rights to be eroded further, I will not sit and speak softly about women's rights, and I refuse to be silent about racism. "Being nice" has never changed governments, it has led not revolutions, and it has never given power back to the people.

I will not be silent. Do anything within your power to turn things round.

The next time you hear someone praising a government, any government, for its granting of liberty and gift of freedom, remember that governments do not give you freedom; God gave you freedom, governments take it away.

So do I, and the only one acting Presidential today after attacks on US overseas is Mitt Romney. WE MUST MAKE A DIFFERENCE IN NOVEMBER. We will FAIL as a nation if not.