Le savon de Marseille! Ah les souvenirs de jeunesse avec celui la... Ca lave TOUT!

Savon De Marseille soap ~ oh, yes, please

Rampal Latour has been creating natural, organic soaps since 1828, located in Provence, France.

♔ Savon de Marseille

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Savon De Marseille

jars of soap for bathroom... make soap in right color(s). :)

savon de Marseille look

Traditional French Soap Dish

savon de marseille


Aromatherapy: Add 1 sliced lemon, some rosemary, and 2 tsp vanilla with a pot of water. Simmer all day on low. It smells SO good and springy! I shall do this today.

French soap

Savons de Marseille


French Soaps . . .

Lovely French cushions

Baskets in Collonges La Rouge France

Gorgeous soap rocks add a spa-like feel to any shower.

These are soap. Too pretty to use. The Trio Small Tumbled Turquoise Soap by amethystsoap on Etsy