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Haha it's funny going to the school where this movie was filmed becuase I often get asked by little kids, "YOU GO TO THE HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL SCHOOL!! Do you guys sing allot?" The truth is everyone that goes to that school has a burning hatred for the movie. :)

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High school musical

college problems- this is my biggest pet peeve ever. Like, just do your job in a timely fashion like you expect us to do our homework and tests on time. SO TRUE!!!!

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Staff Meeting - Band Nerd humor LOVE IT!!! I know some people will get this and others....not so much. More

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OMG this is just great!!! I always end up singing that song when someone says "What time is it?" XD Forget summer, procrastination is more fun! *starts dancing down the hall singing*

I want fabulous that is my simple request. All things fabulous bigger and better at best. I need something inspiring to help me get along. I need a little fabulous is that so wrong

Funny College Ecard: I throw my homework in the air sometimes, saying, 'Ay-yo, I'll take a zero.'

And if you don't understand we can't be friends Dan Howell!!!!! I know it's high school musical but it's Daniel Howell