Jesus LOVES everyone. But loving the sinner does not mean i support the sin. Jesus loves the alcoholics, drug addicts, murderers, liars, cheaters, prostitutes, homosexuals, and dirty sinners like me. It truly is crazy and genuine love. No reason to judge someone else's sin. Everyone will give an account to God in the end!

I stand with Phil Robertson #duckdynasty #Christian #Christianity #Bible

That is between them and God. Leave government out of it.

EXACTLY! I am Christian girl and no I'm not some stuck up snob who doesn't want to have fun and get her hands a little dirty!

No such thing as luck - only God's divine blessings!

you are not worthless! :)

So excited for this movie! I cannot wait to see it!! God's Not Dead!! "Science proves his existence! You know the truth! God is real! So why do you hate Him? Why do you hate God? "

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Your character is very important as it shows who you belong to...

I know there are a lot of Christians on this board, I have nothing against you or your faith, all I'm saying is this is my thoughts to you on why Christians should support equal rights. If you want to talk about it more with me comment and we can talk.

saying I'm a follower of Christ (a Christian) means I follow His teachings... don't presume to condemn me for saying so... i am aware of my human imperfection and turn to Him & His teachings to guide me in my quest to become a better spiritual being in physical form, and a loving daughter of Our Father♥

#Quotes LooneyLizzy: Love this!... Mainly cuz I love rain and get excited when others think it's grand!

:) Iam a Christ follower and no it was not forced on me because God is a perfect gentleman and gives man choice!

This is so true.. I wish people that arent Christians understood that im not just a Christian trying to follow a bunch of rules, I want to live for God because he gave His whole life for me!!

God is good

so true

true story!


Be Like Christ. Amen.