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Steppin' Out With The Highflying Austrian Special Forces Dog

U.S. NAVY SEALS | Silent heroes who walk in courage and humility to pay the price for our freedom. @ HELL YES!!!

The Navy Seals are one of the toughest, elite fighting forces in the world. To survive the drills you need to reach deep down inside and find the warrior you know is there. You may think you need strength for that or bravery or a daring spirit but...

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Remembering Chris Kyle, a Deadly American Sniper

Navy SEAL Sniper Chris Kyle – The deadliest sniper the American military has ever seen. Saving 1000’s of servicemen and Iraqi national’s lives during his 10 year stint as a Navy SEAL sniper, Chris Kyle was in every major battle of the Iraq war and was so effective at killing Iraqi insurgent terrorists that they called him “The Devil of Ramadi” while placing an Eighty thousand dollar bounty on his head.

Current and former U.S. Navy SEALs have joined the media attacks on President Obama for attempting to take credit for killing Osama bin Laden and using them and Special Forces members as 'ammunition' for his re-election campaign. The fact is, GW Bush started the hunt for Bin Laden and the methods used were both condemned by Candidate Obama and later outlawed by President Obama. If it had been left entirely to Obama, it never would have happened!

SEAL training-BUDS. Good luck to a friend who does his "night-jump" tonight. Shots on me-IF you make it. ;) More