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Love her eyes. and her lips. and her hair. I love her face and everything about her!

allure magazine 2008 photo shoot of taylor swift

Taylor Swift is my favorite singer and also my favorite celebrity. I really like her music, her country style, it makes me feel relax, comfortable whenever I hear it. She is really the one who wear beautiful, hot and sexy without scanty her clothes.

Emma Stone & that coat

Emma Stone ♥ How can someone look so pretty while making such an ugly face? Shes beautiful

Emma Stone <3

Emma Stone - Emily Jean Emma Stone is an American actress best known for her deadpan acting style, husky voice, and red hair. Having been born in Arizona she dropped out of high school at age 15 to move to Hollywood and pursue acting.

Famous Cherokee Celebrities | Bicultural Mama: Did You Know? 20 Mixed-Race Celebrities

Dwayne Douglas Johnson born in U.A Hayward California the date of his birth is May 1972 also known as The "rock". The rock is a good actor and wrestler. inspired me cause he is a very good actor.


Top 10 Smart Ways To Be More Photogenic

Looking at headshots for an upcoming shoot. Amanda Michelle Seyfried (born December is an American actress, singer and model

Emma Stone

Emma Stone

Kate Winslet

black-and-white: “ Kate Winslet photographed by Robert Maxwell on November 2008 in L. for the February issue of Los Angeles magazine.