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Darth Vader, Renaissance Man (Soon you will know the power of the F-sharp...)

Even Vader has Christmas spirit.

You! oh shiznit i didn't do it no it was the uh..... person behind me yeah them not me... you have us confused!

Some day I will have this Anakin photo on a large canvas for my wall. I have been waiting for that since 1999. I don't think it exists.

Darth Snowflake- my husband would love this! (and so would many other dorks out there)

Freddie Mercury on Darth Vader's Shoulders. Nothing so awesome ever.

Star Wars Darth Vader. You may be epic but you will never be song starts playing when you walk in a room cool.

Photo of a Little Kid in a Darth Vader Helmet 'Vadering' a Grown Man

But...but...I wanna be that cool! :'(

Darth Vader And His Cat