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  • Daisy Brambletoes

    Blue Blubber Jellyfish from "Sea": Mark Laita’s breathtaking photos of sea animals.

  • Amanda Baugh

    I love jelly fish. Blue Blubber Jellyfish from "Sea": Mark Laita’s breathtaking photos of sea creatures

  • Valerie Swift

    Photographer Mark Laita captures the plentiful patterns and beautifully vibrant colors of marine life that can be found submerged in the oceans in his ongoing series of animal portraits.

  • Corey Irwin | Cooking with Corey

    Blue Blubber Jellyfish | Mark Laita, from his fascinating book entitled, "Sea" (Abrams). "What’s the best way to create up-close images of sea life? Photographer Mark Laita built an aquarium in his Los Angeles studio and shot more than 80 species borrowed from aquariums across the country for his new book “Sea” (Abrams)."

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Pelagia noctiluca, (Águilas, Spain) by Alfonso Gonzalez: In Latin, Pelagia means "of the sea", nocti stands for night and luca means light and As its name implies P. noctiluca has the ability to bioluminesce. Light is given off in the form of flashes when the medusa is stimulated by turbulence created by a ship’s motion or by waves. This flashing is only of relatively short duration and gradually fades. #Jellyfish

Blue Azul Blau by Bryan de Leon, via Flickr repinned by

Flame Jellyfish <-- gasp. I want a salt water fish tank just so i can have Jelly Fish in it! #Dream

Spanish Amanda by nathanielperales, via Flickr

Rhizostoma pulmo, also known as the barrell jellyfish. (Photo credit: Rai Fernandez)

Spotted Dancing Jellyfish, with translucent browny-colour top with white dots. Whitish-grey tentacles. Taken at the Berlin zoo, Germany.

Underwater Experiments: Astounding Photographs of Jellyfish by Alexander Semenov

Onze Zoomeravonden animaties gaan over de dierentuin, En een gedeelte daarvan speelt zich af in een aquarium. Daarom hebben we onderzoek gedaan naar vissen, kwallen, aquariums etc. pink fo sho. taken by pixelmama

Extreme diver Norbert Wu's Journey into the Antarctic underworld: Showing a medusa or jelly (Desmonema glaciale). It lives near the surface and the bell can reach over one meter in diameter. It is incredibly intricate and beautiful though.

jelly // Teresa Selberg Selberg Banman this should go on your good color combo board

massive jellyfish. Got to figure out how to make a jelly costume for Halloween for D!