so cute, Carson would love these

Edible Tiny Teddy Racing Cars!

Kid Snack

Fish bowl cake pops...I am only serving sugar!

Formula One race car, made out of Oreos, Hershey bars, sour candy strips, candy berries, Snickers, and more. :-)

Dip it, burst it, fill it, eat it. Perfect

apple + grape cars #lunchlove

Fruit car

spring lunch! #provestra

Race track birthday cake

Teddy Bear Race Cars So simple... fun size Milky Ways, Teddy Grahams and M I melted a few chocolate chips to use as glue for attaching the M wheels to the Milky Way car. I made sure each car had all the same color wheels, and I made sure all the Teddy Grahams were the same shape. To put the Teddy Grahams into the Milky Way, I first cut a little slit before pushing them in. Reason being, the first one that I did (without the slit) caused the candy bar to get slightly crushed from the pushing.

For bday treat at school?? A Fun Birthday Treat Alternative To Cupcakes – Delicious And Simple Cake Dip

Adorably sweets kids treats from Tiny Teddies (I'm guessing you can get similar little biscuits wherever you live), Milky Way bars and Smarties.

Fruit cars

How to Bake Cupcakes in a Jar

This mom gets mom of the year for her lunches. Lot's of good ideas that I never would have thought of! about 100 pictures of ideas! =) Impressive!



Rainbow! Kids would love these!

Lego Cake!

teddy bears at the beach jell-o cups