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    earthandanimals: Giant Tortoises in pond Santa Cruz Island, Galapagos Islands, Ecuador Photo by Sean Crane

    The Pinta Island Tortoise, a subspecies of the Galápagos tortoise, may be the most recent large animal to be declared extinct. The last of the line, the over 100-year old male dubbed Lonesome George (that's him, above), died on June 24, 2012 from heart failure.

    Same girl, same turtle. This reminds me of my childhood, where I had turtles a lot -- though they didn't quite grow up to be such giants, unfortch.

    Lonesome George (Galapagos Tortoise) - the sole surviving member of his species who were hunted to near extinction - has died today (June 25th, 2012). He was estimated to be around 100 years old. How profoundly sad to witness the extinction of one of the species with whom we share this planet. ♥

    galapagos tortoise ~ Tortoises (Testudinidae) are a family of land-dwelling reptiles in the order Testudines

    RIP Lonesome George. Sadly this last member of a very rare Galapagos giant tortoise, died yesterday at the age of 100, making his species extinct :(

    Galapagos Tortoise by Rob Kroenert, via Flickr❤️

    ~~Galapagos Tortoise ~ smiling big for the camera! by Rob Kroenert~~