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Many words have several pronunciations that are each "correct." When deciding which pronunciation to use, the safest choice is to use the first pronunciation that the dictionary lists. But options sometimes vary from one dictionary to another, and the pronunciation used by many people in casual conversation is not always the first! #VoiceOver

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Your Name Could Make You Successful

Your Name Could Make You Successful A study reveals how name pronunciation makes a difference when it comes to your career.

Well, isn't this the truth! Always remember to be paid what you are worth :)

'"The biggest challenge facing marketers right now is that while TV and radio stayed consistent for half a century, the internet is changing dramatically on a year to year basis. If you’re not nimble, you’re going to get left behind." ~ Gary Vaynerchuk #socialmedia

At this point, I've been working with this awesome client for over a year . . . & it's been great to watch them SOAR with their social media :) Merlin's Hide Out, I love you guys! & thanks for the awesome holiday card!!