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The whole time all I kept thinking is why is he wearing a leash hahaha

LOT OF 50 Hello Kitty With Glitter Bow Hardshell Case For iPhone 5 RY40/16

The whole time all I kept thinking is why is he wearing a leash hahaha

from PetHelpful

Bathing Your Cat Without Getting Clawed to Death! Simple Cat Bathing Tips!

GREAT TIPS for Bathing-Your-Cat-Without-Getting-Clawed-to-Death!!! -- Is this even possible?

Kitty Kisses | "A special treat for the special feline friend in your life. These little kisses will surely make them happy." — Kerrie Rageth

from The Gardening Cook

Poison Ivy & Poison Oak - Natural Remedies

Familiarize yourself with Poison Ivy, Oak, and Sumac -

Great infographic from feline behaviorist Marilyn Krieger shows 5 simple steps to avoiding litter box problems!

Safe, Healthy People Foods Your Cat Can Eat: ATTENTION: This blog is not meant to be a guide to a cat's primary diet. Some human foods are not safe to feed your cat, even in small amounts. This blog is guide to foods cats can eat in small amounts, as a fun, once-in-awhile treat, safely.:


7 Steps to Taking Purfect Cat Photos [INFOGRAPHIC]

Having trouble getting that purrfect photo of your kitty? Here are some tips to help! Once you get the perfect shot, share it with us!

from Practically Functional®

So Creative! 14 DIY Outdoor Weekend Projects

CPR for Dogs, Cats. Might be glad I pinned this someday! ALTHOUGH, if my dogs choking i wont have time to look up on pinterest how to save him, i'll just have time to SCREAM!!