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  • Map Ette

    #top #belt #skirt #hat #fashion #outfit #clothes #style

  • avee♡

    Nerdy hot with a long white skirt, leather belt, striped shirt, and hipster glasses. Try this outfit with our quirky lightbulb necklace! Find it at

  • Bibi van Vugt

    striped top, white skirt, tan belt, felt fedora, geek glasses

  • Naia Tillery

    Fashion Arithmetic No. 1 Striped shirt + white skirt + brown belt = a SERIOUSLY chic outfit!

  • Katerina L

    striped shirt, camel belt, long skirt, statement glasses

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White and black striped shirt, full black midi skirt. Classic.

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This is a good outfit. But it is also how I look when it is dinner time and I can't think of anything to make.

Imagine being able to whip up a 'knock off' like this from scratch. Amazing!

print mixing - I need to be brave and try this. :)

minus the louis bag i love this. i've never really been a fan of louis vuitton. i know they're not cheap but they sure do look cheap. skirt and navy stripe shirt...belted like we did in the 80's...

tumblr_mn86fw1LNZ1s7aq4yo1_500.jpg 494×750 pixels

The pattern in the shirt is a small and delicate pattern. It blends in, in the distance and doesnt stand out compared to the bold skirt. The color scheme is an accented neutral. The pattern is black & white and the red shoes she have is the accent.

WHERE can I find a stripe skirt like this???? I have been searching EVERYWHERE!!!