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Looking for reliable alternative health & wellness information? Click the pic for the video. #wellness #alternative health #alternative #nutrition

This is Cass Ingram, his book titled "The Body Shape Diet" is excellent! Click the pic to view my video with a short review of his book. #health #wellness #nutrition #endocrine #alternative

Is Coconut Oil a Treatment for Alzheimer's Disease?

Marijuana May Be a Treatment for Alzheimer's disease ... A new preclinical study indicates that THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, may slow or halt the progression of Alzheimer's disease ... Alzheimer's Reading Room

Alzheimer's Care and The Importance of Bright Light | Alzheimer's Reading Room

Food can be labeled trans fat free if it's under 0.5gm - so watch out! Look for partially hydrogenated oil (trans fat) in the label before you buy!

Planning a fundraiser | Fisher Center for Alzheimer's Research Foundation.. good suggestions for golf benefit

Don't Fight Yourself, Fight Dementia. Am I going to allow Alzheimer's or a related dementia to control my life and how I think and feel? www.alzheimersrea...

Several months after my great Alzheimer's caregiver experiment, I received one of the biggest shocks of my Alzheimer's caregiver life. A shock that sent me into a tailspin like I had never experienced previously in my life -- it sent me to the edge of total despair.