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I’ve discovered that writing for me, is digging deep and sharing my heart, as agonizing as it may be….and less about becoming a Pinnable Trending Content Creator. I don’t know that I want to give tips as much as I want to share life.

Strong. Stronger than anyone knows. You are a Titan among ants. Don't give up hope. Don't give up faith. Don't give up.

I have thought many times that "if I could go back and change that.." but i wouldnt be the woman I am today. Help not to dwell on my past wrongs and be full of regrets but instead I PRAISE YOUR NAME that I am NOT that person now! Greater are you who lives in me than he who is in the world <3

from sometimes, always, never

better half

Quotes - Just another reason to change jobs - I'm slowly learning that change is a wonderful thing.