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Libra and year of the dragon. I'm a graphic artist and Designer. I have a love and passion for art, music, fashion, goth, anime, video games, geek, eurovision, culture, travel, photography, sushi, harajuku and kawaii stuff stuff STUFF and a whole lot...

Lucky Sixpence Cards by Benign Objects, as seen on Town & Town & Country magazine has been really nice to me this year, featuring my custom printed handkerchiefs awhile back and now highlighting my lucky sixpence cards on their website.

Love this--very true! It depends on how we act is the one we are feeding. If we feed the 'Good' one , then we become good. But if we choose the bad one , therefore we become bad. So, it all depends on us... let's hope to make the right decisions in life.♡

ALWAYS STRIVE TO IMPROVE YOURSELF--We never stop growing & changing, so that means we have the opportunity to improve in any area of our life that we choose to. Keep looking forward, stay focused & you can have, do or be whatever you desire, promise. 😊