The Lovers Bridge in Paris. Couples attach a padlock to the bridge and throw the key into the river symbolizing their eternal love. This is now on my bucket list.

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Beautiful Christmas lights , San Antonio River Walk : Jewel of the city , Texas

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As manatees cant survive in water below 60 degrees, they migrate to Kings Bay and the adjacent rivers every winter, which are an average 72 degrees all year round. So from November through March 2012, you can head to Crystal River, and go frolicking with these giant but affectionate creatures!

I WANNA GO! Grand Wailea Canyon Activity Pool Maui, Hawaii 25,700-square-ft wet playground's a destination in itself (guests receive a map upon entry). 9 pools at 6 levels (40 ft to sea level) connected by a river that carries swimmers along at varying speeds, lazy river currents to whitewater rapids. Highlights include 7 slides, grottoes, scuba certification pool, & Tarzan pool w/ rope swing. The world’s only water elevator swimmers are lifted to the surface in a sealed chamber.

Love-Locks Bridge,Paris,France. Couples that have found the loves of their lives take a lock, lock it on the fence, and throw the key in the river:) one of the most romantic things I've ever heard

One of the most beautiful places. Pebble Shore Lake in Glacier National Park, Montana, United States

In 1914, a young man leaned his bicycle against a tree, left Vashon Island, Washington, and went off to war, never to return. The tree did what trees do, and two became as one. So goes the legend of Vashon’s infamous tree bike — a poignant, romantic, tragic story.

renegade lifestyle #ELLEMERswimwear Sport. Swimwear. Hawaii.

Castle House Island in Dublin, Ireland

Some of these pics are just drop your jaw awesome.... 15 beautiful places / iFunny :)

my dream!

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Love Lock Bridge in Paris

Get a matching tattoo with my sister. (Uhmmm, no biological sisters of my own, so I'm adding on the "best friend" thing. :P)

Pont des Arts or Passerelle des Arts is a pedestrian bridge in Paris which crosses the Seine River.

Giraffe Manor! I want to go here soooooooooo bad!!!!!

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this will be me! someday.....